Sunday, 23 October 2011

All Blacks hold off France to win Web Ellis Cup

The All Blacks have finally done it! The All Blacks have finally done it! After 24 years of heartbreak they have beaten France 8-7 in a Rugby World Cup final of great theatre at Eden Park tonight.
To all those haters who doubted Stephen Donald, STFU!! Donald, you sir are a champion !!!!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Live & Documentary - Chatmonchy "Naruhodo"

 Chatmonchy are going to release a Live & Documentary DVD/Blu Ray on the 7th of Decemeber
 The prices are as follows:
●DVD KSBL-5975~5976(2枚組) 5,040円(税込) / 4,800円(税抜) **2 discs at 5040 yen
●Blu-ray KSXL-16(1枚組) 5,565円(税込) / 5,300円(税抜)** 1 disc 5565 yen

Here's a copy of the tracklist:

Disc.1<全国ツアー“YOU MORE 前線”2011.6.22@中野サンプラザ>
・Last Love Letter
・Enc.1 ここだけの話
・Enc.2 風吹けば恋
・Enc.3 ハナノユメ

Disc.2<全国ツアー“YOU MORE 前線”ドキュメンタリー>



Perfume’s ‘Spice’ & ‘JPN’

Perfume have announced recently that their next single will be released on the 2nd of November ( ) .

The single has been entitled ‘Spice’ and will consist of スパイス and GLITTER in addition to the instrumentals.

Regular Edition CoverRegular Edition Cover

Limited Edition Cover
Limited Edition Cover

A 90 second preview of the song GLITTER has been uploaded for your listening enjoyment and to make the whole GLITTER experience better, this clip doubles up as a demo movie and an ad to promote the Dance Contest that Perfume is hosting.  The finalist receives the opportunity to dance with Perfume on October 29, 2011.  o.0

On November 30, Perfume fans can  go crazy when the 4th studio album entitled ‘JPN’ hits store shelves.  13 tracks including all the previous A-side singles that have come out as of late will be released in this LP.  Those singles include:
  1. 不自然なガール (Fushizen na Girl)
  2. ナチュラルに恋して (Natural ni Koishite)
  3. VOICE
  4. ねぇ (Nee)
  5. レーザービーム (Laser Beam)
  6. 微かなカオリ (Kasuka na Kaori
No album art has been released from what I can tell, but you will be hearing from me again regarding Perfume before this album is out on the street.  If you are interested in getting the limited pressing of this album, be sure to visit your favourite online retailer soon before all the reservations are sold out.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Android - Icecream Sandwich and Nexus Prime

Just minutes ago Google and Samsung officially unveiled the latest Android OS, Icecream Sandwich and the first phone to come with it, the Nexus Prime.

Not too seure about this Nexus phone... It seems too large and unattractive design-wise but the OS is what I'm interested in. From what I saw on the YouTube stream of the event my impressions were that the presentation came across as quite awkward (perhaps they could take some lessons from Apple in this regard). Inspite of this I was impressed by what they showed of ICS. In particular the contacts management seemed very cool, allowing for social networking wites to seemlessly interact with your contact list. As far as features go, Android have provided nothing short of brilliance however, as far as the UI and general look and feel I think Microsoft's Mango OS has the upperhand. The downside of Mango ofcourse is the lack of apps so at this stage I'm leaning towards and ICS phone.

For a more comprehensive coverage of the features, go to for their press conference coverage from Hong Kong.

The Galaxy Nexus has been given a release date of Novemeber 2011 with NTT Docomo as the carrier in Japan.

It'd be interesting to hear how you all feel about Google's latest OS, IceCream Sandwich and how you think it compares with the competition.


Friday, 7 October 2011

Artist of the month: Mass of the Fermenting Dregs

Mass of the Fermenting Dregs was formed in 2002 in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, with the original all-female lineup of Natsuko Miyamoto, Chiemi Ishimoto and Reiko Gotoh. Following Reiko’s departure from the band in October 2007, the band toured with the official lineup of Natsuko and Chiemi, with various musicians serving as a “support drummer”. Their breakthrough came at the 2007 “Road to Tarbox Audition” competition held by EMI Japan, which put the band in contact with noted American record producer Dave Fridmann (The Flaming Lips, OK Go) of Tarbox Road Studios. With Fridmann producing, they recorded two tracks, I F A Surfer and Bears (ベアーズ), which appeared on their 2008 self-titled E.P. In 2010, support drummer Yoshino Tsutomu became an official member of the band, prior to the release of their major label debut album.[3]      

The PV above is for a track, "Kono Supiido No Saki E(このスピードの先へ, tr. After this Speed), from their 2009 album 'World is Yours'

If you ever get the chance to watch them perform live don't miss the chance, they are the real deal here.
You can purchase most of their tracks on itunes etc but it's worth buying the physical copy as the album art is awesome! (plus you'll be supporting the artists more this way than the measly share they would gain from digital sales.