Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Android - Icecream Sandwich and Nexus Prime

Just minutes ago Google and Samsung officially unveiled the latest Android OS, Icecream Sandwich and the first phone to come with it, the Nexus Prime.

Not too seure about this Nexus phone... It seems too large and unattractive design-wise but the OS is what I'm interested in. From what I saw on the YouTube stream of the event my impressions were that the presentation came across as quite awkward (perhaps they could take some lessons from Apple in this regard). Inspite of this I was impressed by what they showed of ICS. In particular the contacts management seemed very cool, allowing for social networking wites to seemlessly interact with your contact list. As far as features go, Android have provided nothing short of brilliance however, as far as the UI and general look and feel I think Microsoft's Mango OS has the upperhand. The downside of Mango ofcourse is the lack of apps so at this stage I'm leaning towards and ICS phone.

For a more comprehensive coverage of the features, go to http://www.engadget.com/ for their press conference coverage from Hong Kong.

The Galaxy Nexus has been given a release date of Novemeber 2011 with NTT Docomo as the carrier in Japan.

It'd be interesting to hear how you all feel about Google's latest OS, IceCream Sandwich and how you think it compares with the competition.


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